Welcome to IOSHUB,  a solution for medical observation machine learning.

At IOSHUB, we're committed to collaborating with all people around the world  to develop the most usable, productive, reliable  - designed to meet today's machine learning for disease challenges. We are farming, planting, and harvesting artificial brains to help others predict, analyze a potential diseases in a location.  Join  and share your works  and you might save someone's life. Thank You  (IOSHub Teams)

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IOSHub Platform

Create a disease observation machine learning as simple as using word processor application,  this system is designed for hospital, government, media, doctor or other

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IOSHub Dataset Platform

In human terms, when you “teach” a computer, you feed it data over and over that tells it that this thing is a puppy and this other thing is a muffin. Developers, machine learning enthusiast, researcher or data scientist needs data. One popular misconception is that people think they have enough data when they don't. When people say machine learning, a very large segment of predictions are based on existing data. And in order for that to work, you generally have to have a big labeled set of data, this IOSHub Dataset Platform is designed for solve that problem

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IOSHub API Platform

This platform lets you deploy apps to your users with our API, build native Android, iOS and Windows apps with the Mobile SDK, to create custom apps

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Data source 

we've been managing the datasource since march 2017,   with 13 partner and  covering 45 KM2 of observation area and counting..

Rich dataset

More than 600K object observations, 2.8 Millions real cases,  180K transfers case 5,8 Millions drug cases and counting..

Newest Dataset

variative dataset from 2009 to NOW.

Fast and easy way API

We use JSON object for any result, result can be 100 or 1Million records, it's up to you,  read documentation here

Everyone invited

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For forward-looking parents, it’s time to get your kids on it.  Create and deploy a prediction project of a disease and share them across his friend 

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Developer, Machine Learning enthusiat

Imagine if your car can tell you what epidemic is in your current location, this is just only one posibility. Start development your new app using our API now.

It is not stop there. If you are Machine Learning Enthusiat then create your engine  right now.

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Health care expert

Sharing information on diseases variation and its consequences will allow more accurate and quicker diagnosis and alleviate the burden of disease on the community

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The system provide usable information for government and the public of the risks of an outbreak spreading, and will aid government decision makers in allocating resources and preparing for the possible importation of an infectious disease threat to their country or region

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Pharmacy and distribution market research reports and Industry Analysis

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Statistical methodology is a powerful tool in the health research.

What Will Happen on 2019

More data and more partner

We believe with hands on hands together, on 2019 we will have more than 11.5 Million  of real cases observation from 20 next partners** ,   we are preparing and managing the data and we hope it will be finished before end of 2018. it's all for you !

Open Source Technology We Use

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Linux Server

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Postgresql Server

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Odoo ERP Framework

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Python Data Analysis Library

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Machine Learning in Python

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Apache Spark

API Integration

There is more than one  way  to integration our API with your existing or new system, we use JSON,  JSON  or JavaScript Object Notation, is an open standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects consisting of attribute-value pairs. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server and web application, as an alternative to XML. Although originally derived from the JavaScript scripting language, JSON is a language-independent data format, and code for parsing and generating JSON data is readily available in a large variety of programming languages.


4 Developer

that's true. we are small team but with a big dream

1 Doctor

your prediction is 100% true, there is one doctor in our team.

a lots of love

we work hard with passion. our beloved family is behind us. many friend. many loves

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