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Odoo CMS - a big picture


We don't have  the identities of object observation  found in our system, our partners strip their records of name,  detailed addresses, and any sensitive information to protect people's privacy. However  for the best result of observation they allow  age, gender (sex), repeat time, hamlet location and dwelling location information.

Our data is comming to us from our partners, technically each of  partner is observation location, and  mostly (at least until now) our partner is a public healthcare center.  In our country, Indonesia  has 33 province in total, and in each province has at least one city but is very rare! for example in West Java province (44 Million population) there are 27 city, each city has more than 10 sub districts , each district has 1 or maximum 2 public healthcare center,  so the minimum observation location is 27x10 = 270 observation center and the maximum number we can handle in West Java province is 27x10x2 = 540 observation location to cover up 44 Million population. Today, with proud, we are in partnershiping with 13 observation location in one city and counting. From the picture above, we divide  City is Area Level 3, Sub district is Area Level 2. Hamlet is Area Level 1 and dwelling is Area Level 0.